KODOMO (Child) CLASSES - Ages 6-8


The Kodomo program follows much of the same regimen as the Basic Class.  Because of the difference in age and maturity level, the Kodomo class is geared towards the needs of the students' youthful age.  Physical activity is praised and students learn the values of discipline, respect and hard work.  Rank increases as they perform tasks in class with reviews done every 3 months.  Once the students move up in age, they will be invited to join the Basic Class.  Once they attend school-wide testing, they earn the 1st rank of Ju-Kyu.  Kodomo students are well prepared once they take this step.

Martial Arts Programs


Students learn the basic foundation of Traditional Japanese karate including kicks, punches and blocks.  As students progress, the use of Kata or forms are taught along with take-down and advanced striking techniques. Weapon use and defense are also taught as part of the basic curriculum.  Students attend events such as tournaments and promotions as part of their training as well as participate in public skills demonstrations to build self-confidence.  


Traditional Japanese Martial Arts