Basic Workout - Home Training

WARM-UPS:  30 of each (equal repetitions on each side and each direction)

- Toe Reversals (Start with large toe up, the rest curled        - All toes up and down

- thrust on the balls of the feet         - standing on one leg, rotate the foot at the ankle each way

- with feet together, perform knee circles each direction      - feet apart, opposing knee circles

- feet apart, side bends        - with hands in fists in front of the chest, twist left and right

- arms out to the sides, small/large circles    -starting with chin down, head circles

- looking up & down (focus on floor and ceiling)  - Look left-center-right-center (focus the eyes)

basics:  30 of each (equal repetitions on each side)

kicks: front snap kick (mae geri), inside hooking kick (mikazuki geri), stomp kick (fumi komi)

-punches: fore-fist (seiken), short punch (Uraken), back-knuckle (uraken uchi)

-blocks: upper rising (jodan age uke), inside hooking (chudan uchi uke), downward (gedan barai)

kata: minimum 1 time, 3-5 times each preferred. (SLOW - MEDIUM SPEED - HARD - MEDIUM SPEED - SLOW)

taikyoku ichi through shi               pinan ichi through go                  sanchin, tensho